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Kristensen Consulting (KC) is a research-based consultancy that helps companies and their management teams unlocking key enablers of sustainable growth. Through the service categories Technology foresight, Collaboration, Workplace, R&D funding and Business modelling, KC provides advice and evidence-based insight that helps organizations deal with variety of strategic and tactical challenges.

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Based on a firm belief that evidence-based decisions lead to better long-term results, KC delivers a range of targeted services that helps bridging the gap between research and innovation.


Innovation is not the same as invention. Whereas invention can happen as a result of single individuals' inspiration, creativity and efforts, true innovations are, in today's complex world, usually the result of team efforts. Traditionally considered an inhouse activity, innovation today is often open, collaborative and focused on external opportunities and drivers.


Knowledge empowers. In a market where everybody knows the same and acts the same, growth prospect are slim, there is no competitive edge, and it is difficult if not impossible to attract investors. An innovative company usually combines a knowledge edge with a distinct willingness and ability to act differently.